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Escorts of RJ advertise with us

We, the, we are selecting companions to the most comprehensive site of Rio de Janeiro. In promotional campaign launch, the top advertisers will gain 2 Months Free Ad. Enjoy!


In addition, this promotional period, your ad will be in a prominent area on our website for a certain time. Ensuring a greater number of views.

If you know someone who fits the high level profile, advise the that its display can be beneficial.

Be A Sponsor

If the end of the promotional period you want to keep your ad on our site, we will contact you and we will present our proposals for the provision of service, contract time and payment.

About Us

You are about to have an announcement in the most complete site of Rio de Janeiro. A new website, built 100% for Informatics Professionals.

Among the differences of our website, include:

1- Site adapted to access Smartphones and Tablets;
2- Display options in 3 languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish;
3- Monthly report of access to the site and the page of your profile;
4- expectancy by up to three months, we are on the first page of google results for searches with key related terms.

How to Advertise

If you want to advertise on our site, please e-mail with your photos (Required proof majority, because not announced under 18 years) that will return with a questionnaire to building your profile.

The QUEROELA.COM NOT AGENCY and assumes no responsibility for the content of the ads or for answers to any of them. The escorts are responsible for the information contained in their ads, as well as by ensuring that they are of legal age.